Uniting for a Sustainable Future: 

Collaborative Environmental Care

Commitment to sustainability resonates with you, your customers, and your suppliers. Embrace sustainability by addressing the entire value chain to reduce your company's carbon footprint. Our web tool helps identify Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, particularly from smaller SME suppliers still assessing their impact. It not only measures carbon footprints but also offers practical steps for collective reduction, actively involving employees in the crucial path to sustainability.

Collaborative Decarbonisation Initiative

In a pioneering research project backed by VLAIO, three experienced companies have united their expertise to guide SMEs of all sizes through the complexities of decarbonising their business processes.

Platform Functionality Explained

Discover how our climate impact tool empowers SMEs with a user-friendly approach to assess their carbon footprint. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your environmental impact with sector-specific benchmarks and access customised solutions uniquely suited to your business needs.

CO₂ Emission Calculation

Let our user-friendly interface guide the SME to easily estimate and assess their carbon emissions from their different sites, transportation types, commuting activities, and more.

Scope Analysis and Benchmark

Get insight into the footprint. How large is it, and what weighs the most. Compare results across company divisions and with industry and country benchmarks.

Investment Solutions

Reduce your carbon footprint with tailored solutions for your entire organisation. Improve company assets like buildings and vehicles.

Improvement Tracking

Monitor your progress year after year on the platform, and easily export your data and insights for further analysis. Need additional assistance? Get in touch with us!

Further consultancy

Customised advice helps companies understand their financial and sustainability impacts. PowerPulse aids in creating a roadmap with long-term insights, capturing energy drivers and associated costs.

Who can benefit?

The climate impact calculator is specially crafted for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in diverse sectors and countries, offering tailored solutions for a global audience.

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